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I'm afraid passwords to several of my online accounts have been hacked therefore I urge you to delete me off your friends list in order to avoid the interest of whatever hacker nitwit is bugging me.


Puritan Ethics on Fun as a Political Spin

For me it was the first spot of rot.when raves and perfectly legal parties and gatherings were made illegal under the Thatcherite goverment.

Now it seems that games are legitimate targets for politicians that wish to 'protect us from ourselves'.

Mzzzz Clinton would use the evil games industry as a stepping stone in her climb to power. Well it's less contentious than any commentary on the US intervention(it's not a war dear it's an intervention) in the middle east:

In fact it may be open season on games that use fictional violence as opposed to addressing any real violence in society at all. Senator Jon Erpenbach of Wisconsin is not averse to jumpimg on this bandwagon:


Of course stories like this don't help:

WoW cited as inspiration for immolation assault

Playstaion stabbing

sky watching

Got to the middle of the common, 17:45, in the hope of seeing The Geminids. These are meteors that show up this time of year... 'shooting stars' to you then!  But when I got right in the middle of the common and looked up what could I see? Clouds:o

But I hear you ask "at that time it would be dark how could you make out any clouds in the dark?" Easy. They were illuminated. Not joking. I could make out the contours of a blanket of clouds tinted an amber-red from the city lights.

Reminds me of the 'red clouds conjured up by the 'possessed' in 'The Reality Dysfunction' Trilogy by Peter Hamiliton, Brrr.

I've seen 'shooting stars' on the same spot only a few years ago. So if anyone out there can find a common or park away from local illumination it's just possible that you might be able to make them out tomorrow night... or even right now! Let me know if you do:)

A good site to see the night sky is now called 'darksky' or 'darkskies'. There are a few sites that share information on  'darksky/darkskies  sites. Link here! & here.

The sighting of the night sky has become so rare in urban areas noew that there is a tourist industry for secluded hotels that cater for it.

memola(?) from 'anubisgrrl' care of 'gbsteve'

Take the first letter of your name and come up with an answer for each item on the list. If the person before you has the same letter as your first initial, choose the second letter of your name. You may not use your name for either the Boy's Name or the Girl's Name category.

Using letter 'D'

4 letter word:                     Dump

Vehicle:                              Dory

TV Show:                           Dinnerladies

City:                                     Durban

Boy's Name:                      Darryl

Girl's Name:                      Desdemona

Alcoholic drink:                  Drambuie

Occupation:                        Doctor

Something you wear:       Dr Martens

Celebrity:                            Damon Albarn

Food:                                  Demerrera Sugar

Something found
in a bathroom:                  Dental Powder

Reason for being late:    Dead

Cartoon Character:          Daffy Duck

Something You Shout:    Damnit!

'Best Friends' game in pub 23 Aug

At the pub with 'Best Friends'; Mutiny! Not everyone wanted to play a 'Brittany brat' OR a 'Japanese schoolgirl'. Other gamers wandered over to have a look & retired hastily... Pussies!
After a some debate the theme/genre of ad&d was decided to be enough to recover our challenged manhoods.
Out of the journal of Saddam Hopper comes this account......

Collapse )

The Journal of Saddam Hopper in no way represents the views of the rest of the party or even the players. Should any other members of the party have any issues to raise they can address them here to Stiffem, Grabbit & Runn.

"Jus' poping out for quick print break"

Printers are now supposed to be as dangerous as cigarettes!

So what are the chances that printers will now be banned in public places? About as much chance as factories are likely to restrained from pollluting the air we breath.

I expect all the smokers will be gatherng round the printers when the weather turns cold. Damn things allways made me dizzy,  Hmm...

"got wotcha need,  sensi...    crack...   printers".

Nerd Rage!

Most gamers and surf-nerds nerds I know wont leave their computers for more than 5 minutes if they can help it.

The rush for the toilet break while a new level is loading is always a laugh. We make bets on our chums: not washing their hands, tracking back toilet paper, and occaisionally turn the run into an obstacle course:D

But this guy was so ticked he decide some affirmtive action was nessececary:)